CNA Nursing Job
A Most Sought Assistance...

CNA Nursing job is one of the jobs in nursing that is considered to be the most needed service in the healthcare field and one of the rapidly growing careers in nursing. 

CNAs or Certified Nursing Assistants are not nurses - also known as Nursing Aides. A CNA assists RNs and LPNS in performing basic and non-specialized task in patient care. They are under the direct supervision of the LPNs and the RNs.

These types of nursing jobs usually take place in the hospital, healthcare facility, mental institution, physician’s clinics, and in residential nursing homes. 
The nursing assistants working in a nursing home are also called Geriatric aides. Compared to the RNs and LPNs, nursing assistants make patient contact more often. They are said to be the “look-out” of the nurses and the “voice” of the patients. 

Because of their constant contact with the patients, they are the first to notice any change in the patient’s status – physically, emotionally and mentally.

What Is The Nursing Job Outlook For Nursing Assistants?

The CNA nursing job outlook is quite promising even up to the next decade. This is due to the increasing numbers of the elderly. They will eventually need constant care when they can no longer take care of themselves. The older population is growing so as the need for CNAs.

Job satisfaction is guaranteed to those who aspire to become nursing assistants. An average CNA earns about $23,663 to $29,801 per year. 

However, the pay rate also differs from state to state and based on the years of experience.

You could also use your CNA career as a stepping stone in becoming a Registered Nurse. 

Some of the successful RNs started their career as nursing assistants, making them more knowledgeable and sensitive to patients' needs. 

Certified Nursing Asistant's Job Description

A nursing aide’s job description is mostly based on direct bedside patient care, these are:

    * Changing of patient’s clothes (minimal or full assistance, based on his needs).

    * Answering of call light or intercom in a timely fashion.

    * Changing of patient’s soaked linens or beddings and making of the bed.

    * Assisting patient during ambulation.

    * Feeding the patient.

    * Providing assistance in setting-up of x-ray machines as needed.

    * Keeping the patient’s bedside and belongs neat and in order.

    * Transporting of patients with the use of wheelchair.

    * Turning of patients at least every 2 hours to prevent pressure sores.

    * Provides privacy to patient by draping them during examination.

    * Dusting and cleaning of the nurse’s station and the patient’s bedside.

    * Serving of food and collecting trays.

    * Cleaning of the bedpans after patient’s use.

    * Keeping a record of the care given to patient.

    * Taking patient’s temperature, pulse rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure.

    * Measuring of the patient’s oral fluid intake and the patient’s urinary output.

    * Packs hospital supplies and equipments for autoclaving.

    * Monitoring of patient’s condition in all aspects of his being (physical, emotional, mental) and reports to the LPNs or directly to the RNs immediately for thorough assessment.

    * Provides assistance to patient in going to the toilet or offering of bedpan when ambulation is not permitted.

    * Assists the physician or the RN in doing treatments or examination by holding some instruments or adjusting of the lights for them for better visualization.

Do You Have The Qualifications?

Personal Qualifications:

When you choose to become a nursing assistant, you need a great deal of patience and compassion. Take your CNA nursing job seriously. Don’t take this job just because you wanted to have a job.

Remember, you will be taking care of people who needs your caring and loving touch. Majority of your patients belong to the older population. They need constant care and assistance for the most part of the day.

You need to be cooperative. You must have an open mind. Following orders and directions is very important.

Physical Qualifications:

Physical fitness and strength are a plus when you choose to become a CNA. This becomes important when you start lifting and turning patients in and around the facility, especially the bedridden ones.

Educational Requirements and certification:

You don’t need a college degree to land on a CNA nursing job. A high school diploma is enough however, you must have taken courses on medical and dental assisting, biology, English and other health related courses.

Knowledge of computers is also needed and you must be able to communicate well in English. 

After high school, you need to take short courses that include basic anatomy and physiology, nursing procedures and training that could last up to 8 weeks. Check at the nearest college for these classes.

A certification is granted once you have completed the course and you have passed the exam given by the state where you want to practice as a CNA.

It takes a lot of effort and endurance to carry out the nursing assistant’s duties and responsibilities. But if caring for other people is really your passion and your true calling in life, then a CNA nursing job can be rewarding and noble as any other nursing jobs out there.