Dialysis Nursing Jobs
A New Frontier In Registered Nursing

You may have heard of those who hold dialysis nursing jobs being referred to as a nephrology nurse, a renal nurse, or a urology nurse (nurses trained to help with kidney disease).

Have you considered a dialysis nursing job as a career?

What’s Involved In A Dialysis Nursing Job?

A dialysis nurse’s job is to oversee the dialysis treatment, keeping a close eye on the patient’s response while also ensuring the dialysis machine is filtering out waste properly.

Typically, the PCT (Patient Care Technician) will run the machine itself, while the nurse oversees to ensure the patient is comfortable and the process is proceeding correctly.

The RN supervises the PCT, makes assessments, planning interventions and providing guidance in the event something unusual occurs.

Dialysis nursing jobs are by nature hectic, as demand for this service outstrips the supply of qualified nurses. The good news is that this is therefore a strong career choice as you should be able to find an employer in this specialty.

Although you will not be running it, you must become familiar with the dialysis machine as part of your job, and you may have to perform general maintenance on the equipment. 

You’ll be responsible for all technical aspects of the procedure and making modifications to the treatment plan as you observe results.

You’ll provide the benchmark assessment of the patient, and note changes as the process continues. 
End stage renal disease and adjunct dialysis treatment requires a great deal from the patient, including changing diet and preparing for medical side effects, so you will need to work to set the patient’s expectations accordingly.

This all makes for a job with a great deal of responsibility, but that’s also what makes dialysis nursing such a rewarding choice!

How Do You Become A Dialysis Nurse?

After graduation in nursing and earning a certification from an accredited nursing school, you’ll be required to obtain a Dialysis Nurse Examination certification.

You’ll also need to obtain ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) or BLS (Basic Life Support) certification. And check with your state nursing board to learn of any additional requirements.

A dialysis nurse job encompasses a big scope and responsibility –ultimately – this means that what you do has a big effect on this life-saving procedure on your patients. The care you render has much life-changing possibilities on the people you care for.

What Pay Range Can I Expect As A Dialysis Nurse?

This highly specialized field is in demand and can offer salaries in the neighborhood of $63,000, according to the Certified Compensation Professionals survey.

With the need for dialysis nurses being so high, you can likely get an even higher salary in many markets. 

Look around at a number of places, and if you have the flexibility to move to a new state, at least consider it if it will earn you more money.

To end your nursing job search, find your dialysis nursing job now. 

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