Love to Start Your Career in International Travel Nursing?

If you are the type of nurse who loves the traveling lifestyle, then international travel nursing might spell FUN for you.

You've heard about the dream job - now learn how to make it happen with a job in nursing overseas. Let us show you how to make it happen!

First things first, get qualified.

Indeed, international travel nursing is the ‘in’ thing for nurses nowadays. A lot of travel nurse placement agencies have sprouted over the past few years, offering placement opportunities for the travel buff in you.

Not only do you get to do what you love, you also get to expand your career and obtain more experience.

You get paid to travel...
plus a nursing salary that's 10% to 15% higher!

If you’re thinking about the salary, there is no need to frown because international travel nurses generate 10% to 15% more income than an average staff nurse spending an 8-hour shift in the hospital, incentives and bonuses included.

Worried about your family? You can still enjoy travel nursing by selecting to be assigned in locations that are close to home. That is the beauty of travel nursing – you are given the option of choosing the location of your assignment.

All you need to do is complete an assignment, and then you can choose the specifics on the next one. Some assignments take around 4 weeks, while others can be as long as 13 or 14 weeks. Once you complete an assignment, you may even get bonuses depending on the quality of your work.

Where will this nursing job take you?

When you become a travel nurse, you will not always be assigned in the same kind of institution. Depending on the assignment, you may be assigned to work in a hospital or nursing home.

You even have the option of being a private duty nurse, which is the path that most travel nurses take. And, private duty nursing pays higher than hospital-based nursing.

Your nursing job can take you from San Francisco to New York.

Or you can also travel to the country of your choice, thereby providing you with additional knowledge in the traveling niche.

You also get to interact with a lot of different people, enabling you to share your culture to others and vice versa.

Whether you go to Africa or Europe, what matters is that you are able to learn something from that country and share this knowledge to your fellowmen.

A job in nursing and traveling open lots of windows of opportunities for the nurse who loves to do both at the same time.

If you think that you are the type of person who will enjoy this type of work and the perks that come with it, then there is no time to waste!

Find your international travel nursing job here. Complete the form below and soon you will hear from direct employers/agencies about nursing job openings in their area.

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