Jobs In Nursing
Know The Different Kinds

Find jobs in nursing from pediatrics to geriatrics! Nursing is a hot career field in the US, despite the economic downturn. 

There’s still an urgent need for nurses of all types at hospitals throughout the United States.

Demand in many nursing specialty fields is rising, so the questions for you to ask yourself are:

What kind of jobs in nursing am I interested in?

Where would I like to work?

Nursing Job Types – An Overview

Nursing is a highly specialized position, so you’ll need to select the type of nursing that best interests you.

During your collegiate career, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about different types of nursing jobs through your coursework and through valuable hands-on clinicals, which can help you decide what specialty path to follow.

Here’s a brief listing of some of the specialty areas you can become a nurse in:

Those are some of the traditional hospital-based nursing career paths. If you’re seeking a job outside the traditional hospital setting, you may consider:

These are just a few types of nursing jobs available to you. Also, check out some of the hot nursing jobs right here.

Where can I find a nursing job?

The United States has experienced a shortage of nurses over the last several years. With the recent economic downturn, many nurses have increased their schedules, many have returned to work from retirement, extended leaves, or other fields, and many hospitals have cut back their hiring practices.

Jobs In Nursing

However, there are still numerous opportunities out there for qualified, enthusiastic nurses.

But with the increased competition, it’s even more important to be well-prepared and be aggressive in your nursing job search.

Conduct the search yourself, all the information you need are right here. Or, visit nursing job fairs, or even a nurse staffing agency specializing in placing nurses.

As an international candidate for a US nursing job, you may find that a placement agency is your best bet. They can assess your skills and give you an honest perspective on your best chances to find a nursing job in the US.

For more information on nursing abroad, select a recruiter that can help you from a nurse staffing agency that has a good reputation.