Take Your First Step: Learn About Neonatal Nursing Job Description!

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could read the neonatal nursing job description before going into becoming a neonatal nurse?

Imagine that...

Well, right here is your guide to working in newborn care and earning excellent nursing salary as a neonatal nurse.

Everyone knows nurses in all fields of practice are in a chronic high including neonatal care nurses – those who work exclusively with newborns.

If you have a natural inclination for a career as a neonatal nurse, this page will provide you a detailed job description and educational requirements expected.

As a neonatal nurse, you assume responsibility and accountability for an assigned number of babies and their families for a designated period.

The neonatal nursing job description:

  • You are to provide normal newborn and postpartum care to the family using the continuous nursing process.

  • You are to render care to patients and provide information and education to patients’ families on potential medical conditions according to set nursing standards, plus more.

  • You are to provide an encompassing nursing assessment by analyzing your patient's history after which you will formulate a plan for appropriate interventions and health teachings.

  • You will assist physicians by performing (and evaluating) tests.

  • And, you will regularly administer medications, while providing many other functions.

Although primarily your place of work will be in a hospital setting, some positions are increasingly offered in physician offices, educational services with nursery nursing, convalescent homes, and in private homes providing needed homecare.

Neonatal Nurse is a specialization in nursing!

Neonatal nursing is a highly specialized field in nursing. Obviously, your nursing salary will reflect this.

A median salary by job on neonatal salaries highlight that nurse practitioners garner the highest at $83,316 surpassing nurse managers. And the number of years on the job determines your annual salary. It is common to have salary increases by over $20,000 over 20 years of experience.

As you can see, neonatal nursing is one of the hot nursing jobs with excellent salaries!

The BLS (www.bls.gov) declared that the trend of nursing occupation in general is projected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations through the year 2014.

In 2004 alone, the average registered nurse made about $52,330 per year as per the BLS data.

Depending on your location, area of work and hours rendered, you may expect to make more than $60K annually.

A similar posting in Pediatric Nursing reports a range of salary from $53,500 up to $ $78,000.

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