Newborn Nursing
Making A Difference For Families Who Need It

Newborn nursing positions offer care beyond what’s typically offered post-partum.

It may include care for multiple births, premature births, and births involving disorders.

The increased popularity of fertility treatments, coupled with the age women are having children led to an increase in complex types of births. 

This created the need for neonatal nurses who can offer more specialized care for babies and their family.

Your Neonatal Nursing Duties

A nursery nursing professional will find various important responsibilities to their everyday workload, including:

    * Lactation consultation

    * Teaching bottle feeding

    * Changing

    * Bathing

    * Helping parents learn to do basic parenting tasks themselves

Neonatal Nurses Requirements

Besides a registered nursing degree, some states want you to pass the NCLEX exam for this position. And a basic life support (CPR) training is necessary. It’s helpful if you gained skills in Neonatal IV insertion and a high level of infant care is valuable.

Besides the patient, your contact with the new parents is critical as well. This makes nursery nursing a unique and rewarding type of nursing job.

For more information, see the neonatal nursing job description.

Is Neonatal Nursing for Me?

There are several reasons to consider when weighing neonatal nursing as a potential career choice.

First, understanding the challenging nature of the job is important. While it can be a stressful job, it can be personally and financially rewarding. A career in this hot nursing field is in demand because of a spike in births that need special attention.

Newborn nurses earn an average salary in the $78,000 range, and is even higher in some areas. 

So keep in mind: this is a hot nursing job type that will continue growing in need, popularity, and probably pay.

It comes with a special set of challenges, like nursery nursing jobs and pediatric nursing jobs. 

But if you love taking care of babies and their families, you will have no problem meeting the challenges of a nursery nurse.

Keep in mind patience; perseverance and fortitude are admirable qualities in any nurse.