Working your Way through Nursing Job Fairs

Attending nursing job fairs, is one of the best way to find employers especially if you are a newly licensed nurse looking for a job. It is the easiest way to get hired, since there is no other place other than a job fair, where you can be interviewed and be hired right on the spot.

However, with hundreds of nursing hopefuls like you who want to land a nursing job immediately, finding the right job may be difficult if you are not well prepared.

Therefore, here are a few tips to help you acquire nursing employment when conducting your nursing job search.

Before you go...

Have your resume ready!

Remember that your resume is the single most important tool when you want to land a decent high-paying nursing job. Make sure it is updated.

Put reputable character references, and proofread carefully for errors. And never ever submit a wrinkled resume; it will leave the impression that you are not organized and neat with your things.

Also, you need to prepare a short scripted introduction of yourself, so that you don’t babble unnecessarily when you are already in front of your potential employer. Explain the goals that you have and how they can benefit the nursing facility, you are applying . Eloquence makes a great impression.

Do not go to these job fairs without any idea on the employers present in the fair. Exert a little effort and do your research so that you know how to impress your potential employers.

Also, you should prepare the questions that you want to ask your future employers.

Finally, you also need to choose the clothes that you wear during a job fair. Be presentable and professional in slacks and blouse for women, and dress pants, dress shirt, and tie for men. No sleeveless tops or shorts please skin showing would not earn you anything, and may even cost you a nursing job.

During a nursing job fair...

Once you are there, don’t go right away to the top company of your choice. Start in the middle of the list and work your way to the top, just so you build up confidence.

Once you find the recruiter you are interested in, don’t be afraid to ask questions on the company and their contact information. This will show them that you’re really interested.

And after the job fair...while waiting for the results, send follow-up letters through e-mail to the companies you applied for, but don’t be too impatient.

Relax and unwind instead of stressing yourself out.

Nursing job fairs open up lots of nursing opportunities for nurses in search of a fruitful nursing career, so there is no time to waste.

Find the nearest job fair in your place!

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