The Next Step In Your Journey:
The Nursing Job Search

It is a good time to begin your nursing job search when you are nearing to complete your nursing studies and preparing to take the NCLEX examination.

Get a head start on this so you can secure a job as a graduate nurse on graduation.

Many hospitals will let you work as a graduate nurse before you have even taken your  NCLEX exam.

Your nursing job search can be done several different ways.

Nursing School - Career Center

First, if you are going through nursing school for the first time, check with your school. They will likely have a career center that hosts nursing job fairs, helps you with resumes, and posts jobs on an internal web site for students to see.

This is a valuable, free resource that all new nurses are encouraged to take advantage of. They can even help you by setting up mock interviews in which you can practice answering questions from a career expert in a simulated interview setting.

It’s a great way to improve your interview technique and get rid of your pre-interview jitters.

Nursing Job Agency - A Valuable Resource

If you are an experienced nurse looking to come to the United States, you can contact a nurse staffing agency to help with your nursing job search.

This is an excellent way to look for your dream nursing job. Why? Because agencies already have contacts within the healthcare industry, so they have an inside track on new postings.

The agency counsels you and discusses what is most important in a nursing job: money, location, types of nursing jobs, etc.. This will help you find your personal best fit.

Using a nursing agency can be a great way to make sure you get the job you want in the place you want at the salary you want.

And they are also a great way to break into the exciting world of travel nursing. If you love to travel, you might consider this type of nursing job. You will have a chance to visit new locations for a period while offering your services as a nurse.

Great ways to see new places, appreciate new cultures, and gain fantastic nursing experience for your resume.

Do You Want To Do It Yourself?

If you prefer to do it yourself go ahead. You can conduct your own nursing job search. And don't worry, we will guide you along the way. Information on this website will make your job search easier. 

Click here to find out why nursing job sites should be your first stop.

Nursing Job SearchIf you are already in the US, your local newspaper will have healthcare jobs listed
in the Classifieds section. 

Sundays are typically the best time to review these, that’s when the most companies advertise their vacancies.

But nowadays, the most popular way to search for a nursing job is on the internet. 

Searching for jobs online is increasingly popular for several reasons.

You can search online to learn about specific job descriptions and responsibilities
of a nurse (as we have on this site). You can read about other people’s experience
with a company on message boards and forums. And of course, you can apply directly to jobs online.

A good starting point to search online is right here. You'll have the information
you need to become a nurse in the US:

    * Know the United States nursing job outlook

    * Where to find a nursing job in the US

    * Find a nursing job vacancy

    * Learn about the CGFNS, TOEFL, and work visa screen

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A nursing job search may go quickly, or it could be a long time. It depends on the current need in the area you wish to work in. Be patient and persistent, because the more applications and resumes you send, the better your chances of getting an interview.