Nursing Research Jobs:
The Leading Edge Of Nursing!

Nursing research jobs are an exciting choice for nurses who want to stay on the leading edge of medicine and technology. These jobs are all about improving techniques and methods in healthcare.

  • Are you passionate about new health cures and medical advancements?
  • Do you want to be part of tomorrow’s medical discoveries?
  • Do you want to test the next generation’s technologies, and help uncover the   findings that will lead to cures and advancements?

Then nursing research is for you!

There’s an increased need for nursing research positions, and that need exists for two reasons.

First, medicine and science are by nature fields that are constantly evolving and advancing. Someone has to be at the forefront, testing new medicines and procedures, and companies stand to earn great profits from finding new cures and treatments.

Second, the rise in medical malpractice suits (and the increasing cost of such lawsuits) has led to research nursing becoming an integral part of patient care.

What job opportunities does nursing research offer?

One great aspect of nursing research jobs is that you can work in a variety of environments. You can find these positions in:

  • Government
  • Military
  • Hospitals
  • Off-site labs
  • Private nursing sector

You may find postings for these jobs online, or you may also be able to find them with the help of a good nurse staffing agency.

What does a nursing research job involve?

As you know, research projects can be conducted on pretty much anything, so the types of work you may conduct are pretty varied. But some specific tasks you may encounter as a research nurse include:

  • Data analysis
  • Patient observation
  • Being a part of the study itself (for example, the frequency with which a nurse visits a post-surgery patient may be something studied by researchers).
  • Administering medicine and treatments at defined intervals to determine various effects and more.

If you like variety and have a natural curiosity about how the human body works in different situations, research nursing is likely to appeal to you.

Why research nursing?

There are a number of reasons to enter a nursing career in a research field:

  1. The chance to help find new cures, treatments, and effective procedures.
  2. Great experience for your resume.
  3. Excellent pay from private companies who fund the projects, or through government funding.
  4. The chance to cross over into the academic or corporate world, should you so desire.

Research nursing offers great professional opportunities, challenging work, and is one of the highest paying nursing jobs. 

It’s also one of many great types of nursing jobs US companies are now hiring for. 

It may be your ticket to a position in a pharmaceutical company. Whatever your goal may be, nursing research may be your road to success! 

To learn more about the exciting field of nursing, go to nursing job sites.