What Everybody Should Know
About Nursing Travel RN Jobs!

Nursing travel RN jobs are becoming more and more available as the nursing shortage increases. 

The only question is if it is the right job for you.

Nursing travel consist of looking for a travel company, hospital, and city that fits your needs. 

The job of a travel nursing RN is very rewarding when all these things fall into place as planned, but it does take some looking around to find the perfect job.

First, ask yourself this question, "why am I traveling?"
Many people travel for many different reasons. Your job as a traveling nurse can take you to California beaches, Colorado Mountains, the beautiful sunsets in Florida, or the wonderful seafood shops that can be found in New England.

Nursing travel adventures are endless!

Some RNs find travel nursing jobs in order to make more money. It is true that travel nursing jobs pays a little more per hour than staff nurses do.

Travel nursing is considered one of the highest paying nursing jobs out there. But to make the big bucks you will need to find an assignment with a guarantee of 48 hours per week. With the extra overtime, some traveling nurses are making over $100k per year.

A registered nurse can also take a traveling assignment to check out a new city. Moving to a big city can be scary. By taking a job as a traveling nurse, you can check out the school system if you have children, visit the hospitals, and get a good feel for the community.

If you do not find the right hospital the first time, you can complete your first thirteen week assignment and then move on to another hospital.

This is only possible when you have one of those nursing travel RN jobs!

If you end up not liking that city, then you just pick up and go to the next one. By doing your homework and checking out the crime rate, entertainment, shopping, sports, or other hobbies, you can find the perfect job in the perfect city.

Start your job search here to find your travel nursing job!

The perfect company can be a little harder to find. Nursing job sites, nursing job fairs and travel nursing central are great places to start your nursing job search.

Make a list of the top five to ten companies that you would like to further explore then send them an email to obtain more information. There is a lot of exploring that you can do with companies before submitting an application.

Once you find that one that has the job where you want for the salary that you want, submit a full application and your credentials.

Soon you should have an interview and an airplane ticket.

The perfect travel nursing job is waiting for you!