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Want to get your dream nursing job? Our sample nursing resume helps you get your qualifications in good condition. Prepare yourself first for the great American dream by learning key tips from our selection of nursing resume samples. Get a jump on the competition with a winning resume that attracts the most desirable job offers in the market.

Remember that your nursing resume is your best opportunity to showcase your skills to get a nursing job in the United States. So it’s very important to study our sample nursing resumes to present your personal information in the most effective way.

What to Include in Your Nursing Job Resume

First, let’s look at a few guidelines to follow to make sure you understand the basic goals of writing a resume for the best nursing job overseas.

The Objective

The job of resume is to communicate your goals and your work history and skills that demonstrate that you fulfill the requirements of available nursing positions.

An objective statement sets the tone that you are confident in pursuing a particular position. It is a statement of personal interest that gives employers insight into your professional path:
  • What type of facility do you want to work in?
  • What particular position are you seeking?
  • What area of nursing expertise do you want to succeed in?
An objective statement is not always needed in a nursing resume; however, a strong statement shows that you are ready to pursue a career overseas.

Professional and Clinical Experience

Whether you are a seasoned nurse or just out of nursing school, remember to highlight all of your experience. From the nursing school classroom to the hospital operating room, your experience and training are valuable!

Make a summary of all your previous nursing job experience and include a bullet list of your job duties, accomplishments, types of facilities and patients, and any areas of specialization. For those with only nursing college experience, provide details related to your assignments:
  • Clinical rotations
  • Hospital practicum
  • Clinical internships
  • Volunteer nursing jobs
Managers in the United States look for an assortment of nursing skills for various nursing positions. It’s important to mention any aspect of your nursing job experience, even if it is only for a short period. Most foreign nursing candidates need to show at least two years of hospital-based work experience.

But you can still be a good match for an American employer if you have special skills to offer.


The medical profession requires proper credentials. So you can really boost your chances for your favorite nursing job with the right mix of academic honors and achievements.

While nursing experience helps get the job, your nursing education opens the door. Leave modesty behind and tell potential employers that you have what it takes to qualify for a nursing job overseas. Here is a sample of what to include:
  • Nursing college degrees or nursing school certificates
  • Special awards or medals for nursing school excellence
  • Nursing student academic honors
  • Special coursework or clinical rotations in specialized areas
  • Special seminars and training programs
  • Nursing board or license holder status
New nursing school graduates may want to emphasize their education qualifications over their professional experience. This is a common strategy for those nursing job candidates with little clinical experience. Refer to the sample nursing resume for this particular situation.

General Information

A nursing job resume should only contain information that helps you get the nursing position. Be sure to add details that are positive: licenses, certifications, professional affiliations and even character references (if requested).

It is not necessary to add too many personal background details that can easily be answered in an interview. There are many reasons that cause managers to reject an application. Sometimes their evaluation can be biased, so just provide the professional qualifications that get you that dream, nursing job overseas.

Start Creating Your Own Winning Nursing Job Resume!

Are you ready to write the best resume that gets you a nursing position in the United States? Be sure to check out our sample nursing resume pages and find one that fits your experience, education and skill level.

Remember to follow the resume tips mentioned here and include all your relevant nursing experience and education. Like most people when first writing out a resume, you probably have more experience than you realize.

Take your time and dig deep to find all your professional nuggets that will help you land a nursing job overseas. Your nursing resume opens the door to job sure to start out with a winning strategy.

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