Travel Nursing
Seeing The World While Getting Paid!

Travel nursing offers the best possible combination of features in a job.

They are the emotional reward of helping people, the financial reward of great pay, and the excitement to see different parts of the world you may have never visited.

With that introduction, you’re already asking yourself, “how can I become a travel nurse?” It is a career path where nurses travel to different places to work on short-term assignments, usually lasting for about 6 to 13 weeks.

The industry developed because of the growing need for nurses in certain areas of the United States.

Nursing travel RN jobs offer many benefits. One may simply want to travel and see places.  Some choose this career for higher pay and more flexibility in schedule. And for others, to speed up professional development, and to challenge themselves in environments that offer different patient demographics and issues.

This type of nursing jobs are alternatives to recent graduates who don’t yet have a family. Although having a family is not a reason not to consider this career choice. But to those young nursing graduates seeking to gain worldly experience, a travel nursing position may just be the job of choice.

Nursing Positions and Requirements

Many of these nursing positions are now available, each with their own requirements. You can choose your nursing position depending on your interest specialty.

For example, dialysis nurses need at least 8 months experience. Medical-surgical, psychiatric and rehabilitation nurses require up to 2 years for registered nurses. And for LPNs and LVNs, they need 3 years worth of experience. In the critical care units, nurses usually need 12 to 18 months.

Beyond years of experience, the skills that will help you in this hot nursing job include flexibility and adaptability, ability to learn quickly, willingness to venture into new surroundings, and of course, excellent clinical competence.

Remember, states have different licensing requirements, but many will recognize your home state’s accreditation. And for more information, go to our NCLEX page.

Traveling Nurses - Where will you be?

Being a travel nurse doesn’t mean being far away from home. You can ask assignments within your home state or city. You can also select what types of centers and locations you’ll be working in. These are all pre-arranged even before you leave for your assignment.

And don’t forget, these nursing positions are short term between 8 to 13 weeks long.

Part of the benefit package is your accommodations that will be taken care of before your arrival. And more often than not, these are fully furnished housing. This convenience reduces the potential stress of searching for a place to live.

It also include a nursing salary that exceeds standard hospital pay as well as travel insurance and possibly retirement packages.

What Are the Long Term Benefits?

You’ll find that travel nursing RN jobs are great long-term career choice. The experience you gain in various nursing practices, special working environments, and diverse patients and health concerns may prove valuable throughout your nursing career.

Working in different hospitals and healthcare centers may open different doors in your continuing education. And your range of experience will impress future employers.

Travel nursing is now a popular nursing job with industry recognition means short stays at different areas will not adversely affect your resume. This may even be a plus on your resume.

It gives you a broader experience in the nursing field and shows your flexibility and professionalism.

Whether you want to find a nursing job now or just want to find more information on nursing travel jobs, take a look at our nursing job search page.