Your Work Visa Screen
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The Work Visa Screen is the certificate that you will need before you can obtain a nursing license and begin your career as a registered nurse in the United States.

Work Visa Screen is a certificate that you will receive from the CGFNS that verifies that you meet all the legal requirements to work inside the United States as a registered nurse.

This means that your schooling credentials and your competency testing meets the standards for all nurses who wish to obtain a job.

The Visa Screen also certifies that you have also met the standards set by the Department of Homeland Security.

This screen will certify that you have taken and passed a language test such as the TOEFL , TOEIC, or the IELTS.

You will have to take one of these tests if you are not from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom.

This means that nurses coming to the United States from the Philippines will be required to take one of these language tests.

For your Work Visa Screen...

--- you will need to have a license for registered nursing that is not restricted, transcripts from your nursing program, passed the national council of nursing’s licensing exam and obtain a sponsor.

It is also important to note that if you wish to become a resident of New York, Illinois, Florida, Michigan, or Georgia and you have a legal and clear nursing license, you may be able to obtain a CGFNS certificate in lieu of the Visa Screen.

Related to the nursing shortage, the Department of Homeland security is making it easier for nurses who have a nursing license in another country to get a United States license and has shortened some of the processes necessary for immigration.

One thing to remember in this process is that there are only limited amounts of work screen visa’s that are process every year.

The selection is based on the country that you were born in; therefore, going to nursing school in the United States under a student visa does not always guarantee you a work visa.

How long will it take to get your visa screen?

It is estimated that it will take you four months to get your visa screen Certificate.

You can apply for it at any time and complete all the documents within a year.

This means that if you applied on June 30th, you would have until the next June 30th to get in your NCLEX results and your TOEFL results along with all education verification documentation.

After all of this is completed, then you are on your way to getting a great job as a registered nurse in the United States.

And remember, that after you get your nursing experience, then you will have many opportunities to travel and work as a traveling nurse all over the United States.

There is no better way to have a career and travel at the same time!

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